102 Not Out | Movie Review | This father-son duo story will tickle you

102 Not Out


102 Not Out
Big B and Rishi Kapoor create Magic after 27 years

Absolutely flawless performance from all the actors. Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor will give you laughing tears and crying smiles. Their story will take you to your childhood which we seldom think about in our busy life. Despite of these evergreen superstars, Jimit Trivedi delivered a good performace and made his presence felt, after his return post Bhul Bhulaiya.

Also, there is another hero, the script and the writer deserves a standing ovation. The movie never lost its track despite being slow and emotional couple of times, the writer ensured not to make any scene so dull that audiences start talking. The movie wrapped up less than 2 hours, which is another positive take away.

In couple of scenes, you may feel that how can a 102 years old person be so fit and active, but that can be ignored considering the motive of the storyline. There are lessons in the movie which you will be able to relate with your life. The undying love and care of a father for his son, will make you love your father more.

The word of mouth will play a main role in success of this film, as it is made for the family view. The teens might not go for it. Still, a super family movie after long time.

Fillumdekho advice : take loo break only in interval.

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