13 Reasons Why | Season 2 | Netflix | Review

13 Reasons Why | Season 2
13 Reasons Why | Season 2 | Netflix | Review
So the second season for 13 Reasons Why is out and this time it is more deeper and darker. With such a strong season 1, the expectations with season 2 were high. Sequels are always risky but this Netflix Original in our view tried hard to match up to the reputation.
It begins five months after the whole incident and and shows the aftermath of Hannah’s death. Hannah’s mother Olivia Baker has filed a case against Liberty High School, holding the school responsible for her death.

This time it is more of the courtroom drama with each episode being a voice over of the student testifying. What we loved here was how the story takes a turn when we hear the other side of stories of the students Hannah blamed for her death in the season 1. Clay and her mom are now in a dilemma that did they even know Hannah at all.

The way the voice overs are done and how they relate to each persons’ life in some or other way is meticulous. This correlation depicted is worth an applause. Each one’s story paints a different picture of Hannah. Although we felt that the introduction of Hannah’s walking and talking ghost didn’t go down very well for a lot. But it also might have another perspective where the ghost is just Clay’s imagination as he is not able to forget her and badly seeks justice for her.

The teenage problems addressed in the series are a little exaggerated but again, there is no denial about the fact that they do exist.
The acting done by each character is just so convincing and fabulous that at points it more overpowering than the story line itself.
Dylan Minnette has proved his worth once again with fantastic performance. The shows direction is amazing too. Although the background music was louder than the previous season but it was relatable at some points and at some it didn’t make any sense. The show has gotten extreme reviews due to its violent genre.

Overall this one is a must watch but can be skipped by teens.

We rate it a 4/5.

Watch the trailer here.

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