1920 London Official Theatrical Trailer | Horror

1920 London Official Theatrical Trailer | Horror

The horror movies in Hindi film industry have never been mainstream, mostly they are just cheap copies of Hollywood or other international films. Yet they have a specific audience which loves the thrill and chill.

Most horror films are made with new comers however, Director Vikram Bhatt, has made his career out of some very successful horror movies. He started with Raaz, and also directed economically successful 1920. Both were taken as franchises and are continuing the run.

1920 London is the third film in the franchise after 1920 and 1920 Evil Returns. This one is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and stars Sharman Joshi and Meera Chopra. The film will release on 8 May 2016. The trailer looks interesting, with cliches but some good visuals.

1920 London



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