Arrival – Yet Another UFO Movie?

Arrival – Yet Another UFO Movie?


“Arrival” – As the name suggests is another movie with people coming  from an unknown planet just to visit us , The human race. Only this time they are not in love with only US.

They were all over the planet earth. The movie builds up to where we find chaos spread over planet earth after a secret visit from who know whom.

A linguistic expert with a physicist tries to find answers we have been looking for centuries , The movie offers us an opportunity to think of the next step.  It also put forward questions on collaborated efforts not just across country but also within nations. There would be times when earth need to work together from an enemy from outside but Director has made us think “what if it’s a friend”.

The movie has amazing sound effects and a visual treat specially the scenes where our experts and the US Army talks to the creatures from another planet. This is a really thought off movie with lots of questions left unanswered for the audience. I think that explains the stage of the game we are in with our space exploration projects , Since the time we have been into space looking for a life form apart from ours we have been thinking of possibilities of them looking for us as well and what if they find us before we do?

Another important aspects this movie has put into perspective is Linearity of time what if Time is not linear as we thought since ages. This question has always puzzled us in movies like interstellar or Harry Potter and

Will continue to do so. What if the creatures from other planet have found answered to these questions will they be able to communicate that to us and that is one of the major problem director tried to portray.

What if they speak an entirely different language? What if they are here for help or trying to save us from a future danger will we be able to understand what they want?

All in all a great entertainer more so if you have always been a keen follower of science or if not just grab a popcorn and see on a big screen what it will be like once they “ARRIVE”.

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