Avengers Infinity War | Movie Review

Infinity War
Avengers Infinity War
The Beginnning of the END


Thanos the mad titan is on the quest to find the infinity stones. His goal is to wipe half the universe and the six infinity stones will provide him the power to do so in a snap.

The story goes from planet to planet and arrive on earth too.

Our mighty heroes stand in his way, who succeeds the heroes or Thanos.

The Goods

  • From the start of the film it gives you the idea that even though this film has all the things you love about Marvel movies yet expect shocks throughout.
  • The superhero camaraderie is in top notch in this one. Imagine iron man star lord taking jibes at each other. Thor meeting the guardians. Doctor Strange meeting his technological twin Tony stark.
  • The superbly executed action sequences which brings along the most awaited partnerships in the marvel universe. There are plenty of whistle-cheer moments.
  • Thanos the supervillain whom we had been waiting for so long to show up and create havoc. Josh Brolin is exceptional as the most powerful nemesis.
  • The emotional journey of some of the most important characters does make you go silent.
  • The post credit scene is eye popping.

The Bad

The only bad is that we have to wait a whole year to catch the sequel.

The Verdict:

It’s a treat for the true believers die hard fans and a who lot entertainment for the new comers.

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