Azhar | Movie Review | Emraan Hashmi

Azhar | Movie Review | Emraan Hashmi

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A Lost Opportunity


You do good your whole life people will appreciate, but you do one bad thing and they will never forget it. That’s precisely the theme of the film Azhar, that starts with a disclaimer stating it’s not a biopic but is inspired by the life of the fallen Indian Captain Mohammed Azharuddin, and the characters are fictitious.

Despite the claim you can never stop remembering the old nineties Indian cricket team members who are named the same in the film, there is Navjot, Manoj, Ravi and Kapil.

The Plot

Azhar the film deals with the fallen hero and his attempt and clearing his name and regaining love of the people through a long going court case. His life journey that involves his rise from a modest family to becoming the cricket team captain, as well as on a personal front from marrying a simple girl to falling for a film star.

The Good

  1. Emraan Hashmi as Azhar is decent, he gets the mannerisms right and stays grounded all the time except delivering some punchlines.
  2. There are some good lines in the film that are whistle and clap worthy.
  3. The music of the film is pretty good as in every Emraan Hashmi film.

The Bad

  1. In an era when biopics are ruling Bollywood, the over dramatization is a problem that dilutes the impact of the reality based film.
  2. The cricket based film has very little cricket, the kind of hard work Azhar would have done in becoming the player is not shown and is kind of rushed.
  3. The film glorifies Azhar, despite him being a controversial individual, but rather than making him an idol for the player he was once it tries to cash in the controversies in his life, and that loses the point.
  4. The disjointed screenplay makes the film incoherent, and good in only parts.

The Verdict

This is a bold step to make a film on a controversial figure as the lead, however the intention of the makers seems to milk the scandal around him, rather than show some good cinema. The director Tony D’Souza makes a half-hearted effort in telling Azhar’s story and that is the problem with the film.

Both the leading ladies have very little to do but the track with Prachi Desai in it is pretty cute and she leaves a mark. The Nargis Fakhri affair is however quite filmy.

Over all the film is a masala Bollywood getaway with cricket in the backdrop and a controversial player at front, which may mean some time pass watch.

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