Baar Baar Dekho | Is it a Sci Fi? Movie Review | Siddharth Malhotra | Katrina Kaif

Baar Baar Dekho | Is it a Sci Fi? Movie Review | Siddharth Malhotra | Katrina Kaif


Baar Baar Dekho
Nahi bhi dekho to chalega


Baar Baar Dekho

The trailer of Baar Baar Dekho was intriguing, time jumps (Sci-fi) is a rare seen genre in Hindi movies, with chartbuster tracks like Kaala Chashma, Nachdeve and stunning looking lead pair, Katrina and Siddharth, the film seemed very promising.

Even though the film does show you futuristic world, gadgets etc., let me break the news which is even clarified by the makers, this is not a science fiction.

And that’s where all my excitement just vanishes.

The Good

The futuristic visions it shows with small gadgets, cars etc., are well crafted and should it have been a sci-fi it would get full marks over there.

The Better

The heart of the film is at the right place and those of you who have watched Adam Sandler’s Click will definitely find parallels. So the message that It delivers is a very important one in today’s urban India.

The Best

Well the cinematography and the makeup is top notch. Each scene is well shot and aging of the characters in the time jumps is impeccable. Great work by the technicians there.

The Bad

The pace of the film, is p..r..e..t..t..y d..a..m..n slow. Even though there is such a promising concept the screenplay is too repetitive and it becomes boring very early in the film.

The Worse

The dialogues, very very lame and old fashioned. In a film with such a relatable story with everyone you need novelty in the writing to keep the scenes fresh. However there are quite a lot of line that do not make any sense and should have been discarded rightaway.

The Worst

One thing on which both the lead actors fail is acting, that is primarily their job. Both Katrina and Siddharth look fabulous but as soon as they speak you just lose interest. Playing characters that requires them to age needs maturity and here our lead actors totally disappoint.


Also an able supporting cast like Sarika, Ram Kapoor and Rajit Kapur are also totally wasted in a once dimensional portrayal. And the AIB funny man Rohan Joshi is the saddest of them all and it is a big shame.

Towards the end of the second half the film has some nice clichéd moments and they do show some getting on track kind of a feel. Yet till that time the damage is done.

Overall it is a failure of the writers and the debutant director Nitya Verma.


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