Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice | Movie Review

Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice | Movie Review

Batman vs Superman
A Superhero drama with predictable story and messy lackluster actions.

Hits: Wonder Woman

— Poor Screenplay
— Old lazy boring Batman story and his struggles with his nightmares.
— Nothing more than what has already been shown in the trailer.

City and people of Gotham are confused with Superman being a part of them and  whether to consider him a savior or a threat. Batman’s story runs in parallel wherein he is shown convinced that Superman needs to be stopped or in fact killed. Lex Luthor on the other hand has his psychotic fantasies and killing Superman is one of them. The idea of these two forces to stop Superman doesn’t convince us at the first place and the series of events it leads to is super predictable as we have already seen all that in the trailers.

Batman’s story is all the same that we have seen tons of times and lacks innovation. Zack Snyder version of the Bat Hero is not even 10% of Nolan’s.Ben Affleck also fails to match the class of Bale and is actually quite forgettable.

The only good thing about the movie was the Wonder Women. Though Wonder woman’s existence has been kept a secret in the movie, but she makes a glorifying entry to the action scenes and steals the limelight. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is impressive and left us wanting for more.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is amazing but there is nothing more than what we have already seen in the trailers.

The movie’s first half is very slow and screenplay is poor overall. It is a movie that the fans could watch just for the sake of watching it. But overall it is an avoidable flick and we expected much more from it. It is shocking to realize that the sequel to such a blockbuster ‘Man of Steel’ can be so bad.



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