Best of Bollywood Movies 2016 so far…

We are half way in 2016, and it has been quality cinema throughout this half from Bollywood. The emphasis has been on story and performances more than masala. Here’s a quick glimpse on the best of Bollywood so far in 2016…


#10. Fan (SRK)

FanGaurav, a huge fan of movie star Aryan Khanna, heads to Mumbai in order to wish his God a happy birthday.

When things don’t go according to plan, Gaurav’s obsession with Aryan crosses the line.  The movie had one thing absolutely right, SRK has finally acted beyond his uni-dimensional avatar.

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#9. Chalk and Duster(Juhi Chawla & Shabana Azmi)

Chalk and DusterChalk and Duster is a much needed film on the changing dynamics of the education system in our country.

Education is being considered now as the best business and that’s where the problem lies. The profession that should be considered as the most prestigious one is looked down upon and is in most of the cases the last resort of many people.

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#8. Sarbjit (Randeep Hooda, Aishwariya Rai, Richa Chadha)

SarbjitBiopic of Sarabjit Singh, a farmer residing at Bhikiwind, Punjab, near the Indo-Pak border, crossed the border after having a couple of drinks.

However, he was mistaken to be an Indian spy and was sentenced to capital punishment.

Superb performance by Randeep, Richa and Aish in the movie. A movie which is painful to watch, but a must watch.

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#7. Saala Khadoos(Madhavan)

saala khadoosA sports film based on ‘Boxing’ one does draw parallels with Chak De India and Mary Kom, yet this one is different.

It does go a little manipulative but much less than Mary Kom, you might feel like getting a training in boxing post watching this film.

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#6. Nil Battey Sannata(Swara Bhaskar)

nil-battey-sannataThe movie is about the importance if education and is told with a true to heart story, and keeping it interesting.

It should be shown free to everyone, not just to the under privileged but also to the privileged ones as they might learn to value the education and the privileges.

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#5. Kapoor & Sons

kapoorandsons759This film from Shakun Batra is about love, family, sibling rivalry, marital issues, and everything that is life. It is essentially a journey that in some parts you and I have also taken. Yet it is full of entertainment and will keep you hooked till the end.

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#4. Neerja

NeerjaNeerja is based on a true story and the most important part of recreating a true story is the screenplay as it is a great challenge for a director since the audience already knows the story. Therefore, the treatment and the unfolding of the events should be such that the audience doesn’t lose their focus. And director is effectively able to do so. There is also mention of Neerja’s failed abusive marriage, and it is used effectively show the faith of her family in her and the strength she gets from them.

This has been a good year for Bollywood, and Neerja proves it. It is courageous, it is a story of bravery that must be repeatedly told to the generations to come.

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#3. Wazir


When his daughter is killed by the terrorist he is chasing, Daanish, a cop, swears to seek revenge.

He finds a confidante in Pandit, an unassuming grand master, also mourning the loss of his daughter.

Powerful perfomance by BIG B makes this movie worth a watch.

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#2. Aligarh


Set in a city of Uttar Pradesh and based on true events, the plot revolves around Professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras who taught Marathi at Aligarh Muslim University.

He was sacked from his position of Reader and Chair of Modern Indian Languages, on charges of homosexuality. A sting operation was conducted by a TV channel which showed him in an embrace with a rickshaw puller, at his house inside the campus.

Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkumar Rao are one of the strongest actors present in Bollywood today. And their performance in this movie proves it all. This is a must watch not just because it is a true story but because these two make it look real by their performances.


#1. Airlift

AirliftAirlift is based on a true story of the biggest evacuation performed by any country for its citizens out of a war zone.

That in itself is a big reason enough to watch this film. To make a film based on the true story the challenge is that there is no suspense, everyone knows what is going to happen in the end and hence it is of utmost importance that the written material is good enough to hook the viewers on to the screen.

Akshay has been ruling January each year and 2016 has been no surprise.

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