Captain America : Civil War | Movie Review

Captain America : Civil War | Movie Review

Captain America : Civil War
Superhero saga at its best!!!


. Amazing story line. It is hard to decide which side to take.
. Awesome action Sequences.
. Funny one liners in a typical Marvel style.
. A dream coming true to see our Super heroes together especially The Spidey.

. Introduction to The Spider Man was very Thanda.
. Non Marvel fans may find it slow at times.

. Following the aftermath of Sokovia the team Avengers is questioned for being dangerous and uncontrollable.

They are tried to be supervised by UN to avoid collateral damage to civilians. This leads to a rift within the team avengers which gets divided into two. Further the attachment of Captain America with his long lost friend Bucky adds to the rift as others have a different mindset towards Bucky Barns due to his history.

What follows is an amazing sequence of action with the two teams fighting their hearts out to prove their stand. And yes the teams go out for recruitments to fill in more players around them and those sequences are amazingly enjoyable.

The best of Marvel movies ever. Super funny, amazing screenplay. You would not feel disconnect at any time during the movie.

What else?
When the movie hall is filled with whistles and shouts as soon as the Marvel logo appears you are sure in for a treat.

People wandering around in Captain America/ Iron man T-shirts give you a feel of a Battle Royale. It is not a movie but a celebration. Celebration for all Marvel fans. An epic sequel which keeps you wanting for more.

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