Catch here the LIVE Review of ‘Sultan’ exclusively on FillumDekho | First Day First Show

Catch here the LIVE Review of ‘Sultan’ exclusively on FillumDekho | First Day First Show

the rise of the underdog

We are here to provide you LIVE updates from Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’, our first ever exclusive LIVE Review of the Salman Khan starrer ‘Sultan’. Salman Khan is the real Sultan of Bollywood and we are here to provide a half hourly updates on how the movie is and what makes it worth a watch.
Catch the LIVE Updates here starting at 9:30 AM IST on 6th July, 2016:


As they say, ” Bollywood is not Cinema, it is a celebration.” And when the morning show of a movie is house full then it surely is the biggest celebration of 2016.

Groups are wearing being human t shirts. People clicking selfies with Sultan Posters. This one  surely would be the biggest of Salman Khan movies

First 30 Minutes:

4 on 5 stars

Steady build up. Then movie runs from present to past. Introducing all characters with an expected super stylish entry for Salman Khan.
But the BEST in first 30 minutes is the friend of Sultan. His comic timing is flawless and some dialog punches are super funny.


What’s good ?
Comic Dialogues. First half is filled with total masala with comedy taking the upper hand. All characters have amazing funny dialogues and deliever them to perfection.

Anushka is really good. She is not overshadowed by the Stardom of Salman and performs flawlessly.

What’s bad?
Predictable story. The typical mistake of Bollywood movies with big stars.  The focus is never on script. It is always about glorifying the already glorified. The movie paces up during the start but slowly the drama starts and everything goes into the predictable sad state of affairs.

First half was just ok with an amazing first 30 minutes and movie losing grip towards the interval. We are expecting a better 2nd half.

Stay Tuned…

First 30 minutes into 2nd half:

3 out of 5

Randeep Hooda enters. Trains a beaten and down Sultan. Another predictable 30 minutes into the 2nd half.

The training sequences are good but nothing new.

The movie is getting too predictable but still the storytelling is good and there are no YAWN moments.

Sultan rises in the 2nd half and so does the movie. The storytelling  is just awesome.

What’s good??
. Training sequences between Salman and Randeep Hooda is just super amazing with the Sultan title track in the background adds to the beauty.

. The First Pro fight of Sultan will make you whistle and clap. The most awesome Salman moment of the movie is in this fight in the 2nd half.

Again the predictability. Nothing new and gripping.

Overall : 4 out of 5 stars
Amazing Comedy throughout with the charm of Salman makes this a Must watch.

This one is not as good as Bajrangi Bhaijaan but this one is a perfect BOLLYWOOD MASALA still and surely enjoyable.

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  1. This is an amazing movie. The Haryanavi dialect has been well picked up and the movie did not drag anywhere. Witty and enjoyable movie. Salman keeps dishing out hits. Any guess, how many crores will it touch??:-)

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