Conjuring 2 : Is it Scary enough ?

Conjuring 2 : Is it Scary enough ?

Conjuring 2
Horror Movie with Intelligence


The 2nd installment of the series is here and we would admit that it is marginally weaker than the first one.
Well let’s not talk about the first part for the sake of those who missed it. Good part is that there is NO relation or reference to the first part and the story runs independent.

Another Surprisingly good part is that this one is a horror movie with occasional funny sequences that would make you feel better in between the scary ‘Jump out of the seat’ scenes.

While you can have the feel of the story from the trailer here. We would talk about only the goods and the bads.

The Good(s):
. The steady build up of the story is its best part. Not mixing too much together and focusing on one scene at a time. The passion of the director to scare us is tremendous and the same is evident from the innovative horror scenes in the first half. Every object/sound has the potential to scare you and make you jump.

. It is not a typical evil dead or a 2 AM ghost story. The idea is simple, spirits or ghosts can appear anytime and anywhere plus they do have logic to their existence.

. The story is super logical. This is NOT just another predictable Ghost story. This one is has suspense. The twist towards the end of the movie adds extra flavor to the story.

The Bad(s)
. 2nd half is too fast. Especially the end. It feels like weak editing. Things end up just too quickly. We felt we wanted more action, more scares in the 2nd half.

. It is not as good as the first one or may be as innovative. Although we would admit that the first one did set the standards high but still this one is worth a watch as it is still scary as hell.

Overall Verdict:

Conjuring 2 is an intelligent horror movie, which clearly portrays Director’s passion to scare us. This one is a must watch and would be rated amongst the top of the Horror movies of all time.


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