Copycat Bollywood: Fan and Rocky Handsome

Copycat Bollywood: Fan and Rocky Handsome

For ages Bollywood has copied Hollywood, or other foreign films and have been presenting them to desi audiences without adding much needed creativity. Most of the times our film makers just add songs situations and do a scene by scene copy.

Very few of these films are actually made with permission and buying rights.
There are two upcoming films that are either inspired our completely copied from foreign films.

The much talked about upcoming film of Shah Rukh Khan is inspired by The Fan. A 1996 film starring Robert de Niro and Wesley Snipes.
Watch the trailers to know more, and compare

The Fan 1996

Fan 2016


Rocky Handsome
This film looks like a straight scene by scene copy of Korean film The Man From Nowhere, except the romantic songs.
Watch the trailers and compare yourself.


The Man From Nowhere


Rocky Handsome



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