Date Story : Priyanka finds her soulmate… And its kinda shocking !!

Date Story : Priyanka finds her soulmate… And its kinda shocking !!

If rumors are to be believed, and pics trusted, then Indians will be left heart broken with this. Our very own desi girl, Priyanka Chopra is committed now.

Well she had been busy past few years in US series Quantico, but its shut down left her devastated. Her only 2 hollywood flicks, Baywatch and a kid like Jake, turned out to be disaster too.

We are sure the “second” name would be the “first” time you have heard. Yes, super flop movie. Pic for reference:

In this distressed time, a typical Indian girl needed a shoulder to cry. And there came one angel who held her tight and picked her up. He was first spotted with PC at MET gala in 2017. Yep the same event where her dress became the best meme source of 2017.

They were spotted again on a vacation together with friends:

This guy is NICK JONAS, American singer-songwriter.

She was also spotted with Nick on his relative’s wedding :

Well all seems good right ? But here is a twist in the tale, his age, 10 years less than PC !! When Priyanka’s mother Madhu heard about it, a typical Indian mom mode got activated.

She said in June first week, “I feel it is much easier to adapt to a married life if both man and wife belong to the same culture. I can’t imagine Priyanka with a foreigner,” said the doting mother adding, “For Priyanka marriage is for keeps, also so if she doesn’t find anyone who is a perfect fit for her, and stays unmarried I don’t have any issue with that.”

Hearing mother’s statement, PC landed in Mumbai with Nick last week with her rumored partner to make him meet her mother. You may spot him behind driver’s seat:

Nick is happy to stay in Priyanka’s Juhu house as of now. If you still can’t see him, here is next day’s pic where the lovebirds came out on a date:

Next, they were spotted meeting Madhu Chopra, PC’s mother:

But, did you spot something here ?? have a look again:

They have made it official !!! They held hands the same evening publicly, and also posed for shutterbugs.

Well, this couple looks adorable, here are some more pics for you:

We are still awaiting official statement from PC’s family and a tentative date, till then let us know what are your comments, Priyanka too wants to hear you :p

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