Doctor Strange Movie Review | Marvel creates on-screen magic yet again

Doctor Strange Movie Review | Marvel creates on-screen magic yet again

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Doctor Strange
Magic All Around

To be honest, the trailer did not look promising to us and we thought this one would be an avoidable movie. But Marvel Studios has  proved yet again that not even a single movie from their comic book adaptations can be missed. Doctor Strange will leave in awe, this probably is one of the best solo hero movies that Marvel has created.

What’s Good ?

Comic Timings

Marvel Super Heroes are never serious except our very own Captain America, the rest of the squad has an inclination towards occassional punch lines that they like throwing around. Doctor Strange is no such exception.  The humour is similar to all other Marvel hero sagas and would keep tickling your funny bones through out the entire movie.

3.5 out of 5 stars

What’s Better ?

Special Effects

This one has the VFX that you have never experienced before ever. So if possible go for an IMAX show. It is worth even if you have to wait for another week to get the tickets, as all the shows are already running full on good reviews that movie is raking in and of course the Marvel fan following is huge in itself. Talking about the special effectc, story of Doctor Strange is unique, the concept involves more magic than even Thor’s world. And the team behind the movie has done true justice to the concept. The movie would have been nothing if the special effects had not been so good.

4 out of 5 stars

What’s Best ?


The concept of Doctor Strange’s world and its relation to reality is very compicated. Even then the team behind the movie managed to make it so simple. It becomes a treat to watch, it is unlike a Matrix wherein you had to watch the movie over again to understand the concept and it’s relation to reality. Doctor Strange had its own ‘Larger than life’ moments, but yet they seemed so easily understood.

5 out of 5 to Direction and Storytelling

What’s Bad ?


A little dragged in the 2nd half. Some action scenes might have been reduced in length. This movie had so much magic and special effects going all around that in some scenes you might scream out “Ok.. Enough” especially with your 3D glasses on, you might feel little dizzy. 🙂

2.5 out of 5 to Editing

Overall, it is a treat to watch. Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, this one is worth a watch.


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