Fan Movie Review | Shahrukh Khan

Fan Movie Review | Shahrukh Khan

An interesting plot spoiled by inconsistent screenplay.


First things first I am not a Shahrukh Khan fan, he is a big superstar of the country but the films he had been working on lately is just too formulaic. Having said that he has done some great work in the past like Chak De India, Swades etc. and watching Fan was so much of a relief seeing him returning to performance oriented film.

That’s about the actor the movie though with such an intriguing plot is a little inconsistent.

The Plot

Director Maneesh Sharma picked up the plot of the Robert De Nero film with the same name and twists it with Shahrukh where the menace of a devoted fan turned against the devotee, is pitched by making them lookalike.

The Good

  1. The actor Shahrukh, though it might look like self indulgence but he did an incredible job in portraying the twenty something fan as Gaurav.
  2. The first half that establishes the trueness of a fan in the Delhi setup is fun and heart warming.
  3. The cinematography and the action sequences are also top notch; however, these may have also been a downside to the film.

The Bad

  1. The realistic setting to the jump to the unreal chase sequences and James Bond kind action, they are just not palatable.
  2. The smartness of Gaurav that reveals in the second half where he invades Aryan’s life has not really explained well.

The Verdict

As much as I appreciate the effort of Mr. Khan trying to move away from braindead masala fair, this film is just a little short of becoming a superb one.

The complete fault here is of the director who probably swayed away in his fandom and went overboard with the larger than life filmy personality.

So this one is a one-time watch but for true SRK fans, it is still a treat to watch him return to his forte.

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