Fitoor | Movie Review

Fitoor | Movie Review


Fitoor : An Overstretched but Soulful Love Story

— Visually stunning sets.
— Soulful music by Amit Trivedi.
— Mesmerizing & beautiful Katrina.
— Powerful performances by all stars, especially Tabu.

— Slow pace of the movie, such serious movies are not in trend in today’s era of Twenty-20.
— Storyline is weak, script needed a twist or two to keep it interesting.

Noor(Aditya Roy Kapoor) hails from a poor Kashmiri Family. Noor is an amazing sketch artist and brings everything around him to life through his canvas. His father gets an opportunity to make repairs to the house of Begum (Tabu) in Kashmir where Noor meets Firdaaus (Katrina Kaif) falls in love at first sight.

The story moves slowly ahead with some special moments between the two but Firdaaus moves away to London for her studies. 15 years later Noor moves to Delhi as he gets a chance to showcase his talent to the world, interestingly meets Firdaaus who is about to get engaged to a young minister from Pakistan. But both fall in love again, yet circumstances keep them apart. The story keeps on moving forward with a couple of uninteresting twists during the second half. But will destiny bring Noor and Firdaaus together ?

Watch it or not : Fitoor is visually stunning and is all about beauty. Be it Kashmir, Katrina Kaif or the Music. Fitoor has a soul in it, a soul only an artist or someone who is deeply in love would understand. Though it is overstretched but somehow it keeps its grip. If you are or ever have been in true love, you might like it.

But if you are looking for something entertaining, we recommend you to give this one a miss. It is a serious movie and very slow, which is not going to be liked by the majority audience, but we give it half a star extra just for its Soul.

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