Future of Iron Man revealed !!! Check below…

By now, we all know what happened in Avengers : Infinity war. We know half of them died. We know what solution Strange saw with his powers.

One thing is for sure.. Iron man Tony Stark will have a major role in it. That is the only reason why Dr. Strange saved Iron man by surrendering time stone to Thanos.

But here we have something for you. Iron man will have another role to play in next part of Avengers. Go on to know more about it…

According to Pepper, Yes the same beautiful assistant turned girlfriend turned fiancee.

She has blurted out Iron man’s future to a source that “tony and pepper’s relation evolves, they get married, they have a child, just like a beautiful love story”.

If this happens, we are sure that there won’t be any Iron man, no Tony Stark, no Robert Downey Jr after next Avengers. Well this makes us sad.

Let us know how do you feel in comments…

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