Game of Thornes Season 7 Episode 1 | Spoiler Free Review

Game of Thornes Season 7 Episode 1 | Spoiler Free Review

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1
A calm start to most awaited season

Shall we begin? Thousands of people were logged in Hotstar by 7:30 AM on Monday morning, hitting refresh on browser as they do while checking class XII CBSE results.
There was some snag at Hotstar end, due to scalability I suspect, and for next 20 minutes all people could see was the notification of a Technical issue.

People were murderous and all kind of swear words hurled around in the comments section of the Hotstar page. Well I was kind of suspecting it and kept on refreshing at some intervals and there it came up after 25 minutes! GOT S7E1!

So all you fellas waiting anxiously for S7 of the Game of Thrones, it is finally here and starts with a Bang! But down the next 56 minutes it is just that, Episode 1 of any season of GOT, building the narrative for the explosive things to follow. It’s not to say that it doesn’t delight, but with only 7 episodes in this season we had expected something more meatier and power packed.

Nevertheless, the 1st episode does take you all around Westeros where our characters are moving about their own paths and it shows all the crucial parallel subplots which is a rarity.
So, while Jon Snow and Sansa are busy rallying support at the wall, Bran is homing in and Arya is on her murderous streak eliminating names off her small list.
Cersei is plotting up and seeking new alliances, Samwell is struggling his ass off to find something which helps the Jon Snow camp and Danerys, with her Armada, makes a much awaited landing.

The Hound makes a good appearance and it reaffirms our belief that him and his band are about to do something important . Littlefinger is about a steely Sansa trying his usual stuff and we might see a lot of trouble brewing up in the North due to this.Jamie, Tyrion, Sir Jorah, Davos et all and a couple of fun minutes of Ed Sheeren sprinkled in and that was our first episode!

While everyone is about their business, the death is marching South towards wall and things might pick up very fast and quickly in the episode 2 due to this. With another 6 episodes to go, we are expecting some power packed hours down the line full of drama,action,blood,loss,vengeance and redemption.Redemption,yes, As Arya says, “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are not safe.” Lot of redemption to follow!

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