Game of Thrones: Season 7 | Most awaited Sibling Face Offs

Game of Thrones: Season 7 | Most awaited Sibling Face Offs

As the most awaited Sunday arrives this weekend on the HBO, bringing with it the Game of Thrones: Season 7, air is thick with rumors and speculations and people are betting their money already on dozens of routes various plots and sub plots can take.

Emergency wards in the hospitals are on alert, that is , if the staff itself isn’t absorbed in the season of the Thrones and people with history of fluctuating blood pressures are taking extra precautions. But trust us, the past isn’t any indicator of anything here and GoT would throw surprises we won’t be able to speculate. Well, that’s the beauty but still we couldn’t stop ourselves and thought of something that’s been looming large since last season, a number of sibling face offs!

Yes, the most complicated and unpredictable sibling relationships to come on the screen are going to throw even greater surprises and here are some of the sibling face offs or encounters we are sure will come up.

1) Jamie Lannistor and Cersei Lannistor

Well why not? Cersei has shown remorseless grit towards achieving her aims, the best example of which she gave in very last episode of season 6, when she vaporized almost half of the cast of the GoT through wildfire.

And the same thing we believe is going to put her at crossroads with Jamie big time. Last time we checked, Jamie has become one of the favorites of the viewers and his shades of gray would be put to test against her shades of black!


2) Jamie Lannistor/Cersei Lannistor and Tyrion Lannistor


Well, well, the imp has been nothing short of a phenomenon throughout and here is one encounter which has been building up since long.

Both Jamie and Cersei have been crying murder for the arrows Tyrion put into their father and it will be really very interesting to see the circumstances in which they are going to (surely) face each other and for good!



3) Mountain and the Hound


Hound, left to die by Arya in the wilderness, survived and came back to his element while avenging some of his friends. He looked softened, yet the Hound he was. What purpose is he going to serve is anyone’s guess but it better be something significant for he takes up some screen space. Our guess is that it will be the Mountain’s nemesis we are going to see through him. It’s been his long time desire and probably ours’ too!’


4) Sansa Stark and Jon Snow

We have seen Sansa grow from a vulnerable and meek girl to a toughened adult through the series. She didn’t seem pained when she mentioned she was sure Bran and Rickon won’t survive and that’s what her character has grown to through all those hardships.

She has her plans now and won’t stop at anything to get at them. Now, we saw Littlefinger sowing troublesome ideas in her mind and also, Jon Snow being titled the King of the North, might make her rethink about him and cause troubles for both. This could be one of the most defining sibling face offs in the season seven!



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