Ghayal Once Again 90s Story With Upgraded Action

Ghayal Once Again 90s Story With Upgraded Action

Ghayal Once Again
The Wrath of Ajay Mehra


Ghayal Once Again starts with a recap of the 1990 film, story of a common man who rises against the system that is governed by the rich and the powerful. Flash forward to 2016 the city of Mumbai has changed but the system is the same and is still governed by the corporates and the politician’s nexus.

Ghayal was a benchmark film that gave a path to Sunny Deol’s career to become the messiah of the poor and their voice against the system. He followed on doing similar stuff and became quite successful at it. Lately his career has not been doing very well, I love New Year took long to release and Mohalla Assi got stuck in controversy. Both the films star Sunny in an unlikely character, so the fandom is definitely looking forward to his return to the old angry Sunny.

And Ghayal Once Again does give you the same Sunny that the fans are looking for with upgraded action and thrill.

This is a sequel in the true sense unlike the franchises that are going on with pretense of a sequel in Bollywood. The story takes us forward in the world of Mumbai where we see a tormented Ajay Mehra who is still fighting against the system, but in a different way.

There is the business tycoon who literally runs the whole city Raj Bansal, and there are bunch of kids who are witness of a crime and then there is the chase that begins where Ajay Mehra is the savior and up against him is the corrupt system, what happens next is not unpredictable but is quite interesting.

The film starts in a disjointed manner and takes some time to gather the pieces together. But once it does it is a roller coaster ride with superbly done chase and actions scenes. The film does have an age old story of good vs evil but the is substantially upgraded to make it feel in today’s time.

Sunny Deol has definitely gone overboard with larger that life portrayal of the drama but that is what is the USP of the film. The supporting cast provides required support to the film, but the clear high point is the action sequences done by Mission Impossible fame Dan Bradley. However the poor CGI spoils some of it but even with flaws for Sunny Deol’s fans this one is a must watch.

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