GROOT’s last words in Avengers Infinity War will melt your heart …

If you are a Marvel fan, you might have understood what we are talking here. This is about our beloved rooty boy baby Groot. Here is what he looks like :

We all know about the bonding between cocoon ROCKET and baby GROOT. They are hilariously funny when they talk. Groot speaks just “I am Groot” all the time and Rocket understands. What an emotional connect !!

Towards the end, we all know what happened? Half of the universe evaporated, including baby Groot. We know each dying avenger said something before they vanished, Groot said “I am Groot” as usual. But do you know what it meant in the end. Go on… Read ahead…

He looked towards Rocket and said it. Someone asked the filmmakers what it was. This may bring tears to your eyes. Groot said “DAD !!” while addressing ROCKET.

How Rocket must be feeling.

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