Guest Iin London | Movie Review

Guest Iin London | Movie Review

Guest Iin London
The new low in Indian comedy

Guests Iin London: The Laughter Challenge

“Guests Iin London” is a 2017 Bollywood movie starring Paresh Rawal, Tanvi Azmi, Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Kharbanda based on the theme that in India, often guests arrive uninvited and do not go for long.
The movie has been directed by Ashwni Dhir who has given movies like Son of Sardar and Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge. Even in this movie his attachment to Ajay Devgn is visible as he appears in a cameo while Ajay’s long time buddy Kumar Mangat co-produces the movie.
As the name and the trailer suggest, this movie also looks similar like 2010 film “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge” which had starred Ajay Devgn, Konkona Sen Sharma and Paresh Rawal in lead roles. In Atithi, the atithi (guest) was played by Paresh Rawal who invades Ajay Devgn’s house. In “Guest Iin London”, again Paresh dons the role of a Guest, accompanied by his wife Guddi played by Tanvi Azmi who invades the life and house of Kartik Aaryan.
In Atithi, Paresh Rawal creates trouble at Ajay’s workplace, and in this movie, the same thing is repeated. In Atithi, Paresh gets lost in the crowd, whereas here Kartik actually dumps his guest after he is exasperated with them.
And now, let’s come out of Atithi and talk about “Guest Iin London”.
First of all, someone needs to tell the filmmakers that numerology and adding extra alphabets do not make a film work, rather there needs to be a good script, a tight screenplay, sensible direction and if it’s meant to be a comedy, the dialogues better be quirky.
There are total 3 scenes where you can actually force a laughter as it is supposed to be a comedy movie. The plot is good and sensitive but wrongly packaged as a comedy movie. This should have been serious cinema rather than wasting such a plot in mindless, useless comedy sans timing, which doesn’t tickle the funny bone.
Having lost their son in the 9/11 tragedy in US, Paresh and Tanvi want to perform one final prayer for their departed son. However, the problem in the film is, the screenplay is like a switch. So while from the beginning the comedy switch is on (albeit dysfunctional) and there is no whisper of the actual plot and then suddenly the comedy switch is turned off and we have a serious and sensitive plot with a sling of cameos.
But, by that time, the cheap comedy has bored you so much; what with we have a full ghazal dedicated to farting and an office party being thrown inside a multiplex building and unnecessary inclusion of Indo-Pak and Indo-China political satires bordering on PJs that the real plot looks like imposition.
Performance wise Paresh Rawal, Tanvi Azmi and Kartik Aaryan have done commendable justice to their roles, except for the fact that they didn’t have any role, just a cluster of scenes and dialogues. It’s time Bollywood realizes that over emphasis of forgotten stereotypes do not create comedy anymore. And therefore, it is not important to show that, knowing the fact that it is a fake marriage, the boy is still interested in developing intimacy towards the girl. It is overdone to show that girls cheat due to some dying necessity and a sense of emotions overcomes all crises in their lives. It is not a rule that all old men fart and pollute the atmosphere and it’s not funny.
This is a new low in Bollywood where creativity stinks badly. Watch the film only for a good nap.


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