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Rani Mukerji Is back with a bang

Hichki is a story about Naina Mathur, who is an aspiring teacher with a bizarre Tourette Syndrome. To quote a line from the movie “We have never seen a teacher with the speech defect”. Despite her disorder, she is vivacious, motivated, inspiring and of course an excellent teacher.

She gets a job in an elite school to teach a class full of children, who are from the slums, ignored and clearly have lost their paths. The kids of the class are hell of rebels and they try their best to kick her out of the school but her unconventional methods of teaching helps her bond with her class. How she turns a bunch of no good students to good ones is why you should watch the film.


Rani has made a stellar comeback. Her screen presence and timings of those ‘chak chak’ ‘wa wa’ sounds are on point. Her acting skills are still unmatched.

All the children in the movie have acted well.

The movie has its moments. Movie’s screenplay and storyline lacks a bit. This Siddharth P Malhotra’s directorial seems stretched in some parts, but at the same time some will make you teary. It sure delivers a social message and in my opinion is a one-time watch.

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