Hindi Medium – Are We still Ready for it?

Hindi Medium – Are We still Ready for it?

“Kendriya Vidyalaya is not a Hindi Medium School” , this is the same reaction I always get when I say I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya and it is a Hindi Medium School. May be those people are right but the reaction is full of fear or shame , I don’t say they shame about the school everyone is proud to be part of KV but no one wants to be a part of a Hindi Medium.

An entirely opposite reaction did I get when I say “You don’t look you are from a convent” , People would laugh at that guy/girl but what I meant by that is you don’t carry that air of supremacy or proud that you would probably relate to a person from convent. Don’t get me wrong here because I don’t say everyone from convent would be like that but most would have a feeling that they are not part of the league.

What has happened for us to have such mindset about our national language? What have caused us to reach such a stage where everything English is labelled as good. I think the answer go centuries ago when we were ruled by the British like most of the world but as other countries have changed everything that was British , we not only kept what they have left but felt proud of that. There is nothing wrong in being proud of something but that should not lower the value of the other.

Hindi Medium released last week has posed such question to the audience as well , It was not able to live up to the hype though because of some poor direction but the question was very clear , are we ready to accept what we are and not impose something on our children which would only mean more pressure in this competitive world. Whereas Irfan Khan did justice to the character he played ,The story was half cooked. The man who steal the show was Pappi Ji from Tanu Weds Manu fame , Deepak Dobriyal has played a part which has out shined Irfan Khan as well.

The director has talked about the problem but failed to give a solution to the audience , If you compare it with TZP Aamir khan had asked some questions and had a solution for them as well. I think that was one prime reason that movie did way better than Hindi Medium , apart from the stardom of Aamir Khan adding few crores(100 crore was not so common those days). My wife was also compelled to say this “Aamir khan should have made this film” while we were strolling our way out of the theatre.

In other world this would have been a great movie and a great concept but in a country like India we would have to work a lot on conditions of our Hindi Medium Schools , don’t get me wrong I am talking neither about the children who study in these schools nor the hygiene aspects of these schools but about the teachers who prefer not to go to remote areas to teach these students. How many in this country wants to be a teacher and that too in a Hindi Medium School? That is the reason you will find students from KV’s in Delhi, Dehradun and other major cities doing better than the others. A good teacher make a great school.

The only reason we should look forward to this movie is for us to think if there is any chance for us to change the existing system , how can we make that discrimination in education go away? How would we learn and excel in English but still be Hindi in our culture and values? Is there a way we can teach our children to think of English as any other language and not the only Option for their survival in future? Is there a way we can change for our children better future and stop giving money for admissions in “Convent” Schools?

Life is too short to give your child a false judgement about him/her based on the school they went to , Rather we should focus on giving them a value that is beyond language.

3/5 for only the subject that they picked up and some good acting my Deepak Dobriyal.

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