IT Movie Review | In less than 100 words

Horror that makes you laugh

What’s Good ?

— The background score. Meant to scare you and it does at times.
— Some funny laughable moments in between to lighten the mood up.
— The overall setup of the 80’s was really well executed. Lush green city of Derry, wooden houses and simple dresses, was amazingly pulled off.

What’s Bad ?
— The Joker. Well ‘IT’ is supposed to be the scariest of all things, but honestly we got more goosebumps watching Heath Leadger’s Joker from the ‘Dark Knight’.
— Predictability. Overall Horror was bad. Except for a couple of shocks the movie is not at all scary.

Overall, ‘IT’ tried to ride hard on background score and scary shocks, but it fails to leave an impact. Horror movies are supposed to instill fear in you for sometime, atleast till the time you are in the movie hall. But ‘IT’ with its concept of monster trying to survive by feeding on kids’ fear lacks UnPredictability. ‘IT’ can be watched but surely as just another horror movie.


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