Jagga Jasoos – Anurag Basu You Creative Genius !!!

Jagga Jasoos – Anurag Basu You Creative Genius !!!

As I settle down to write about Jagga Jasoos , I am feeling short of words. Words that left me at time that I entered the world of the Genius called Anurag Basu. That is what a genius does , he bring you to his own world and make you feel it is right there in front of you , in reality.

There were glimpse of burfi at the start but that was just a medium someone of caliber of Anurag Basu uses to lure you into his world and then there is no way out. His idea of combining his knowledge of theater with his love for music is so clearly visible in this movie. What a brilliant cinematography , what an idea of creative story telling , what a way to showcase your talent in front of a hall full of audience who were laughing even at times when Jagga was solving a serious mystery and last but not the least you even made Katrina look good in those scenes.

I can continue bragging about The Genius called Mr. Basu but that would not do justice to others who contributed immensely to the product that is Jagga Jasoos. One of the most important part of the movie was the choreography , how difficult it would have been for Shamaik Dabar or I should say Vijay Ganguly to put together a sequence of dance moves that would fit Jagga as a character. Vijay has to be admired and appreciated for his work more so because he had no actual lyrics to work on but just daily conversations made into a song. The way he handled the moves and did justice with the lyrics is all because of years of hard work he has put in. Now it is his time to enjoy the fame that will come with Jagga Jasoos.

Ranbir , Anurag combination has done magic once again , If you liked Burfi for Ranbir’s brilliance in some serious acting you would like Jagga because of his comic timing and Mr. Basu knows how to get the best out of Ranbir every time they do a film together. The movie might have been delayed due to some personal reasons but as there is a famous Hindi Proverb “Der Aaye par Darust Aaye” , this one will surely break few records.

This is the movie that will be loved by people of all ages , from a child who got his new age Indian version of Hardy Boys to an adult who would enjoy the journey of a detective in making with a serious message at the end. It is a different kind of cinema with a different kind of actors and a different kind of story telling and if the Indian audience is ready for it? I think the results of Jagga Jasoos will let us know.

What ever be the case Jagga will continue ruling hearts like Bomkesh Bakshi did in the 90’s , here is new detective in the block who is smart,quick,witty and had a sense of humor to look for. If you still waiting to book your tickets because of what you see on the posters believe me when i say “Dont judge the book by its cover” because Jagga is more than just a jasoos he is living product of a genius.

4 for the movie and 0.5 for Anurag basu , Ranbir Kapoor Duo , adding 0.5 just for Vijay Ganguly.

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