Logan Movie Review | Wolverine says Good Bye in Style

Logan Movie Review | Wolverine says Good Bye in Style


The best is saved for the LAST?


Logan Movie Review

Logan is nothing like a superhero movie that we have been used to that come with all the devastative action and great costumes. The comic book genre had more or less been confined to superb computer generated effects and visceral dose of humor.

Whereas Logan stands on layered characters with minimalist set pieces and an emotional storyline.

The good

The Story: inspired by the Old Man Logan comics series, has enough heart to melt you and also throwback to the original X Men, will make all the fan boys smile.

The Better

The Screenplay: Despite being a comic book film the screenplay does touch upon issues with the real world while the characters are dwelling in their personal battles. These superheroes are not quintessential extraordinary humans, but are ailing and aging mutants who are hiding to keep themselves alive. This is no saving the world feat. It is completely personal war.

The Best

It is Hugh Jackman who has lived and breathed as Wolverine and Logan. Be it the first X-Men movie or the amazing Days of Future Past he has been the most popular mutant on the big screen without doubt. The actor does his best performance till date as an ailing, hurt, with weakened healing powers, misfit who’s just trying to pass on his life and save his friends.

The Best of the best

The girl who shares a special connection with Logan, who like him is ferocious in the battles and at the same time is an innocent child. The fantastic Dafne Keen portrays this character with true sincerity. There is very less she speaks but conveys a lot through expressions.

The film holds no bar when it comes to violence and Wolverine actually gets to use his claws full blown. It has also been pitted as the last one as Wolverine for Jackman and if so he goes out it style.

Overall this is the most grounded comic book movie ever. Director James Mangold has done what no director has done yet, it is a courageous and risky move, and it came out as amazing. Don’t go for it if you are still enjoying the multicolored costumes and incredibly extensive CGI. But if you want a satisfying story with your favorite characters this is for you.


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