LOKI is alive… He will return !! Proof inside…

Here is the most amazing thing you will read about the next Avengers movie. Loki will return.. He isn’t dead. Want to know how? Why he didn’t die when Thanos choked him? Go ahead…

If you are a true Marvel fan, you will be able to recall frost giants. When frost giants die in real, they turn blue. LOKI is a frost giant. Did he turn blue after his death?

No, he didn’t. That means it was again a fake image of Loki, which Thanos killed in the beginning of Infinity War. Did you really think that Loki is such a fool to try and kill Thanos? He already knew how powerful Thanos is. Your next question would be – So why did he he do it?

The answer his – to save his brother THOR from a certain death. He agreed to give tessaract to Thanos, at the same time he thought about killing Thanos, but only with his another fake, because he couldn’t risk his life, he is smart, very smart. Thanos would never know that he is alive !!

But, if you are reading this, you know he is alive. Go ahead, impress your friends and family with your observation.

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