London Has Fallen Movie Review

London Has Fallen Movie Review

London Has Fallen
Not A Worthy Follow Up


Director Antoine Faqua’s ‘Olympus Has fallen’ was a fun film, with nail biting action sequences and a thrilling plot where one man fights against the slew of terrorists and saves the US President. The film did well as the director didn’t give you a chance to think about any of the illogical tracks in the story.

The sequel released this Friday is called London Has Fallen and it lacks imagination. From the title itself you can guess what is going to happen in the film.


The Plot

World leaders are gathering to attend the funeral of the British Prime Minister in London. And all hell breaks lose as terrorists attack the city with multiple blasts and innumerable number of soldiers. Now it’s up to the Secret Service lead Mike Banning to safeguard the US President Benjamin Asher.

The Good

  1. The set pieces are bigger than the first movie.
  2. Some good chases, around the city of London.
  3. Some fine action scenes.

The Bad

  1. The same old plot.
  2. Not much of emotional connect, first film had the President’s son and his camaraderie with Banning was very essential to the plot.
  3. The thrill was also much more in the first film.
  4. The weak President, somehow I felt that Aaron Eckhart should have been given a chance to kick some butts as well.
  5. The direction, Babak Najali followed the same template but never gives it any twist.

The Verdict

If you are going with the same expectation you wont be disappointed much. The film does give you some mindless action and popcorn fun. A one time watch.

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