Lost In Space | Netflix | Review

Lost In Space
Lost In Space | Netflix | Review
Set 30 years in future, Lost In Space, a Netflix Original, is a sci-fi and drama series about how a family of space colonists get lost in space upon their journey to set a new life on a new planet. The story is all about survival on an unknown planet and finding a safe way to back to the new planet.

Robinson’s are one of the few chosen ones who are given the opportunity to travel in space to start a new life on a planet named as Alpha Centauri, which has atmosphere similar to that of Earth. On their way to this planet their spaceship gets attacked by an alien force. This forces few of the colonists including the Robinson family to crash land on an unknown planet.

The Robinson kids are brilliant and extremely sharp and so are their parents. How they fight for the survival and try to build escape from the planet to Alpha Centauri is worth a watch.

How Will Robinson finds a friend in the alien Robot? What does this friendship costs him and his family? Did they manage to escape the unknown planet?

You need to watch the series to find all the answers.

The first episode is packed of action and thriller sequences which compels the viewers to watch the series. It does get a little melodramatic in the latter episodes.

Ignacio Serricchio as Don West
Parker Posey as Dr. Smith

All the actors have performed really well. Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russel, Mina Sundwall have excelled in their characters. A special mention to Dr. Smith’s role played by Parker Posey and Don West played by Ignacio Serricchio. Both have proved their worth in the series despite of all the focus around the The Robinson’s.

We rate it 3/5.

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