Marvel’s Avengers End Game – Movie Review

Marvel’s Avengers End Game – Movie Review

Avengers End Game
An incredible Finale

Dr. Strange watched the endgame 14 million times and didn’t spoil the movie for you, we wouldn’t either. So buckle up and read the review below.

Hopes are high after the infinity war and with theory and speculations around, Endgame was the most awaited movie of all times.

What’s Good ?

Most of the clips you see in the trailer, come in the first 15-20 minutes of the movie, what follows is edge of seat thriller.
It is a treat for Marvel fans and the movie has lived up to it’s hype.
It is a thrilling ride from the 1st to the last scene. Full of emotions and that too of all kind.
It is extremely well balanced with some predictability and some unpredictability here and there.
It is intense towards the end but a satisfying journey both for the superheroes and the fans.

What’s Bad?

Only one, if you have not been following all the Marvel movie series than it would be a bit too much for you to handle. The overall fun for you would be reduced to half. And yes, it is little slow during the first half as the story builds up.

We give it 4 on 5 stars just because any non-Marvel fan would not find it paisa vasool.

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