The Masala Entertainer | Dishoom Movie Review

The Masala Entertainer | Dishoom Movie Review

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Rohit Dhawan’s last film Desi Boyz received mixed response, but still the man knew the craft of film making and from nowhere the film looked like from a debutant. In his new outing Dishoom he has taken a huge leap in terms of production and has delivered a buddy cop action comedy that has been missing from Bollywood for a while.

Dishoom is not at all a great script or something unique to be expected but it is a ride you will enjoy thoroughly if you are a Hindi Masala movie fan.

The plot

Ace Indian cricketer Viraj (Saqib Saleem) goes missing just 48 hours before the India Pakistan Final in Middle East. The Indian government sends in their STF officer Kabir (John Abraham) for investigation, who partners with a Middle Eastern rookie Junaid (Varun Dhawan), on this mission.

The Good

  1. Varun Dhawan and his comic timing, portraying a good for nothing cop, cracking jokes, but his boyish charm will work on you and his sincerity in delivering the lamest jokes with style are the best part of this film.
  2. The action, Dishoom is the action comedy that we had been missing for a while, the superbly done action set pieces no matter how much outrageous, are fun.
  3. The buddy bromance between the lead pair is good.
  4. The music, be it the title track or the continuously in the background Sau tarah ke is superb.
  5. Return of Akshay Khanna, there is very less time given for this baddie but he does leave a mark.
  6. The dialogues that are silly but they work mostly due to Varun Dhawan.
  7. The cameo by Akshay Kumar, is hilarious.

The Bad

  1. There is no story but that can be looked over if you are planning to have a good time.
  2. There are too many outrageous filmy moments, but who cares if you are having fun.

The Verdict

The film might not be a pathbreaker but is surely going to do well as we haven’t seen any such full on entertainers where you wouldn’t mind any of the silly things as it is paced really well and gives very little time to think over.

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