Matt Damon Back with a Bang in and as Jason Bourne | Movie Review

Matt Damon Back with a Bang in and as Jason Bourne | Movie Review

Jason Bourne
Bourne is back

One of the most iconic assassins of the modern times Jason Bourne returns to the silver screen after almost a decade, is it really a moment to cheer for or just a dire effort to bring back an amazingly concluded series.

The Plot

Jason Bourne is still an amnesiac and is living in the eastern Europe as an illegal fighter. He still has his dreams and a lot of memory to be recovered. Nicky reaches out to him for some information regarding his father, and it brings him back on the crosshair of CIA. There starts the chase that ends revealing some more about Bourne’s past and CIA’s dirty secrets.

The Good

  1. Director Paul Greengrass is an ace when it comes to the shaky cam and sense of urgency to be shown on the big screen. He ties up the film well to the original trilogy, and gives you the complete pleasure of watching a Bourne film.
  2. The action is definitely worth, be it the chase or the hand to hand combat with Bourne using the irrelevant things as weapons.
  3. Matt Damon returns as the true assassin, and he is in superb form which convinces you that even after the ten long years he is still the best.
  4. The locales from Greece, to London to eventually in Las Vegas the film is shot impeccably by Barry Ackroyd.

The Bad

  1. The film has very less new things, it seems like a similar template followed, while the purists may enjoy it, it is tad predictable.
  2. The shaky cam is something not everyone might enjoy.
  3. Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t seem like a matching adversary to Jason Bourne.

The Verdict

Overall Jason Bourne is a satisfying watch. It does fulfill all you expectations from a Bourne films.

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