Movie Review | Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Rating ***
The fifth installment in the franchise is a not as exciting and engaging as its previous versions. This one is good in parts only still you get to see some nice stunts and chase sequences.
The American spy series Mission Impossible was coined in 1966 as a TV series and was later adapted in the movies in 1996 with Tom Cruise as the lead Ethan Hunt. The trademark is the agent receiving the mission as a message that self-destructs itself. It was kind of a US counterpart of James Bond. The latest flick has a lot more similarities to the recent Bond movies than its predecessors, more on that a little later.
These movies have been successful with special focus on death defying stunts by Mr. Cruise and are mostly about a high profile heist that he carries out with the help of an able crew comprising of techie and other experts.
Rogue Nation starts with Ethan Hunt performing his most promoted stunt scene with the plane while on a mission. The IMF is being investigated and is on trial by CIA Director (Alec Baldwin). Agent Brandt (Jeremy Renner) has to appear before a senate.
Hunt is trying to unearth the truth about a rogue organization called the ‘Syndicate’ and the mission is supported by a British agent with unclear motives, Lisa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), and his old pals Benji and Luther.
The whole movie looks like a setup to ensure the heroics of Mr Cruise are placed on perfectly and are given too much screen space with little to do with any other characters development. Even the antagonist is not established well. And that’s where the movie lacks.
You can definitely take a lot of inspiration from the aging hero who is still carrying out the stunts and actions sequences. But the story seems to be missing this time. There are a few references of Brandt learning characteristics of Hunt, which may lead you to think that he might get in Ethan’s shoes.
However apart from the references Renner is subdued as as he was in the first Avengers movie as Hawkeye. We hope him to do a comeback just as good as he did in the second one. Simon Pegg is wonderful as he is always and there is plenty of comedy when he is around, which are the relieving factors here.
Alec Baldwin’s entry in the franchise might make it interesting in the coming outings which we are quite sure will be delivered.
The only actor who gets footage in the movie apart from Cruise is Rebecca who kicks-ass literally and even aces Mr Hunt. She is stunning as a beautiful assassin/spy who performs some superb action.
Despite being a spy movie like the James Bond ones, MI series has so far stood out in the complete setup to execution. But this one has a couple of more similarities than needed.The opera sequence reminded me of the more intelligent Tosca sequence in Quantum of Solace. And the premise of Skyfall’s rogue agent also flashes in this one.
Watch the Tosca sequence from Quantum of Solace here-
Despite its overstretched running time it is still a good movie as the comic play in the movie will save some pointless exhaustive chases.
Movie should you choose to watch, will give you good popcorn entertainment.
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