MS Dhoni Movie Review | Was it a Six or Stumped ??

MS Dhoni Movie Review | Was it a Six or Stumped ??

MS Dhoni Movie Review

M S Dhoni : The Untold Story
Worth a watch for Dhoni not Cricket

Dhoni is not a man, it is an ERA. The movie ends and the crowd goes beserk “DHONI, DHONI, DHONI…” echoing in the entire cineam hall. This movie is a ‘SEETIMAAR’ experience for Dhoni fans.

It is 3 hours 10 minutes long but you won’t yawn. Sushant Singh has created magic on-screen. But mind you, this one is not a movie on Cricket. It is a movie on the man who brought us World Cup after 28 years. Go and watch it for him, the Captain Cool. Our own MSD.

What’s Good ?

Screenplay and Editing. The movie is more than 3 hours long, but still doesn’t bore. All hats to the technical team who did perfect stitching to bring all modules together. Dirctor  Neeraj Pandey has given us gems like “A Wednesday”, “Baby”. With this movie, he had little to experiment as it is a Biography. But he proved himself yet again, from Dhoni’s early school days, to Helicopter Shots, to that Winning SIX in the World Cup 2011, you would take all the scenes home with yourself. The movie is so perfectly directed that you would not want any scene to be differently made. Hats off !!

What’s Better ?

Casting and Performances

All the characters, Dhoni, his father (Anupam Kher), his coach, his friends, Yuvraj singh, Jagmohan Dalmiya have fired up the big screen with their epic performance. This movie is all about the people who mattered to Dhoni and who were the reason behind his success. All the actors have done justice to their roles, and somewhat the credit goes to the Casting Director.

What’s Best ?

Sushant, Sushant Sushant. Nothing else, we have become a huge fan of this man from today. He has nothing to prove but with performance he has now reached heights. We are having hard time forgetting his face as MS DHONI.

Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni won’t be forgotten for a long long time.

What’s Bad ?

Although very few, but there are some moments in the movie that drag it. 190 minutes is a marathon run, and we feel it could have been reduced slightly. But on the contrary we cannot decide which scene should have been removed.

What’s Worse?

Couple of moments were not glorified.

  1. Dhoni becoming the India’s Captain
  2.  India’s World Cup 2007 win

We felt these two scenes should have been more glorified and could have been shown better.

Overall, this is worth a watch.  Not sure if it is a one time watch or more than that, but we are ardent Dhoni fans and now Bigger fans of Sushant Singh Rajput. We would definitely watch it again and you should too. Let us know in the comments section on how much you liked watching MS Dhoni.



One thought on “MS Dhoni Movie Review | Was it a Six or Stumped ??

  1. Worth watching, as mentioned in the article it’s a movie about dhoni not about cricket.
    Superb direction and screenplay in many scenes throughout the movie, except few which could have been better.
    Overall a worth watch.

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