New Short Movie Nayantara’s Necklace

With the recent short movie ‘Ahalya’ by Sujoy Ghosh it became a new trend to express the creative talent that is not fulfilled by the traditional media. These short movies have been going on the internet for a while with pranks, satires and social messages promotions via this new discovered medium. But only after Ahalya it gave these movies recognition, with the mainstream movie makers and actors getting involved in shorts. The makers of Ahalya are back with the film that takes a slice out of the modern life and its effects on the society, Nayantara’s Necklace. With Konkona Sen as the leading lady you can safely assume it is a worthy watch. Also director Jaydeep Sarkar has shot and edit it very interestingly with the non linear narration style. Tilottama Shome who is the other leading lady of the film stated that internet is attracting the movie makers as there is no censorship and complete freedom of expression is enjoyed on this platform. Watch the complete film here,



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