No Fathers in Kashmir – Official Trailer – Oscar Nominated Ashvin Kumar – In Theatres 5th April

NO Fathers in Kashmir

Here is the official trailer of No Fathers in Kashmir directed by the Oscar® nominated and 2 time national award winning Ashvin Kumar. The film is slated to release on 5th April, 2019.

A teenage British Kashmiri, Noor, re-traces her roots in search of her father. Majid, a local boy smitten by her, takes her to a forbidden area near the Indo-Pak border fraught with danger. They stumble upon a dark secret and are arrested. Being British, Noor is released but Majid is not. Having put him in peril how far will Noor go to have Majid released? And can love ever be the same again for these two?

The Cast – Zara Webb Shivan Raina Ashvin Kumar Kulbhushan Kharbanda Natasha Mago Maya Sarao Soni Razdan Anshuman Jha Sushil Dahiya

The Crew – Casting Directors – Shakyra Dowling & Sanjay Tyagi Music Composers – Loïk Dury & Christophe ‘Disco’ Minck Sound Designer – Steve Bond Costume Designer – Ritu Kumar Editors – Thomas Goldser, Ashvin Kumar & Abhro Banerjee DOP – Jean Marc Selva & Jean Marie Delrome Executive Producers – Shashi Kumar, Yasmin & Khalid Naqushbandi, Varoon Vesuna & Tom D’Court Production Designer & Co-Producers – Sylvain Nahmias Written, Directed & Produced by – Ashvin Kumar The trailer features a Kashmiri folk song ‘Chol Homa Roshay’ by Habba Khatoon, a Muslim poet and ascetic, performed by Ali Saifuddin.

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