Noblemen | Official Trailer | Kunal Kapoor | Vandana Kataria | Ali Haji | Releasing on 28th June


Presenting the official trailer of Noblemen, directed by Vandana Kataria and starring Kunal Kapoor and Ali Haji in the lead. Shot against the backdrop of a prestigious boarding school in Mussoorie, the story is a thrilling coming-of-age drama that tackles the uncomfortable topic of bullying that is rampant behind the sheer polished veneer of elite schools. It revolves around a 15-year-old boy, struggling with his adolescent years, terrorized by a gang of bullies in a posh boarding school, setting forth a chain of events that leads to loss of life and innocence. Along with Kunal Kapoor and Ali Haji, it stars Mohammad Ali Mir, Muskaan Jaferi, Shaan Groverr and Hardik Thakkar. Releasing on 28th June, 2019 in cinemas near you! Credits : DIRECTED BY : VANDANA KATARIA SCREENPLAY & DAILOGUES : SUNIL DREGO, SONIA BAHL, VANDANA KATARIA PRODUCERS : VIKRAM MEHRA, SIDDHARTH ANAND KUMAR EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS : SEHER LATIF , SHIVANI SARAN EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS (SAREGAMA) : GAURAV SHARMA, SAHIL SHARMA, SHOAIB LOKHANDWALA, NITIN NAIR DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY : RAMANUJ DUTTA CASTING DIRECTORS : SEHER LATIF (CSA) , KAVISH SINHA COSTUME DESIGNER : MANOSHI NATH , RUSHI SHARMA PRODUCTION DESIGNER : ANASUYA SENGUPTA MUSIC : SHRI SRIRAM EDITOR : SIMRANJEET MALHOTRA Song Credits: Singer – Suraj Jagan Music Composer – Shri Sriram & KC Loy Lyrics – KC Loy

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