October | Movie Review | Varun Dhawan | Shoojit Sircar | Banita Sandhu


This one will make you think

Watch only if you are a content seeker. Avoid if you want entertainment because you will find none.

Shoojit Sircar has done his magic again on the big screen with his latest release October. Love got redefined in this classic.

shoojit october

This story is about how an immature, carefree, grumpy and naive Dan turns into a loving, mature and a sensible being after a life changing turn in his life. It is also about how love may strike you in a most abnormal situation that it becomes a sad reality. How life can be so fragile that in moments it changes everything for every person around, be it family or friends or sometimes just someone you admire. How love can be so unconditional in the most innocent way possible. Some scenes will surely give you goosebumps.

I loved Varun’s performance in Badlapur, but after watching October I would say that this is by far Varun Dhawan’s best performance and how has he grown as an actor himself. He has played a flawed character flawlessly.

Varun October

Debutant Banita Sandhu is still in most of the movie but still has managed to give the perfect expressions.

Banita October

I came out of cinema both tear eyed and awed. After watching this, meaning of love might change for some of us forever. But at the same time we are are talking about some serious cinema here, which might not be everyone’s genre.

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