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Parmanu - The Story Of Pokhran
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Parmanu – The story of Pokhran – Plot

Parmanu is the untold story of the team that performed the incredible task of successful nuclear tests in Pokhran in 1998. Parmanu follows Ashwath Raina (John Abraham) who is a bureaucrat who has a plan to carry out this hefty job and his journey in getting it done.



  • The story and the theme is patriotic and has appeal to masses. The event is historic but yes, the story behind is a real secret and the telling is compelling. Director Abhishek Sharma along with writers Saiwyn Quadras and Sanyuktha Chawla Sheikh manages to present a suspenseful drama that has an almost Argo kind of urgency during the climax.
  • The cast does a fine job in fitting their respective characters. Boman Irani as Himanshu Shukla (based on late Brijesh Mishra) is a no-nonsense secretary to the PM and you can imagine how brilliant he must be. The rest of the team formed by various character artists provide complete support to the main lead John Abraham, who despite being criticized for his acting chops does a fine job here as a determined IAS officer who wants to do anything to get the tests done and puts everything at stake.
  • The best part of Parmanu is that it keeps on moving despite being a theoretical subject of the film it keeps the viewers engaged in the proceedings by throwing little enough knowledge to understand and John Abraham is not in a superhero role, he acts like a common man and that keeps the film grounded.



Well the plot sometimes makes it too easy and simplistic for than it might have been but for cinematic liberty we can definitely ignore it. Some jokes also feel out of the place. Yet Parmanu is an entertaining watch and it gives you the worth of the ticket price.




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