Phillauri Movie Review | In less than 100 words

Phillauri Movie Review | In less than 100 words

The friendly ghost JUST manages to entertain

What’s Good ?

1. Anushka looks charming as a friendly ghost.

2. The whole family setup of destination wedding is enjoyable in pieces. Light hearted moments will make you smile. Not laugh though. 🙂

3. The Songs. All of them. Amazing treat.

4. The VFX is not passee. They look modern and well managed.


What’s Bad ?

1. Two stories in parallel not transitioned well.

2. Nothing intelligent in storytelling. Story is innovative but it fails to grip you.

3. loads of YAWNathon moments as almost all scenes are dragged.

4. Daljeet is wasted. He looks charming alright but he is a much bigger talent than what was utilized in this movie.

Overall, it is strictly one time watch.

Take your kids, family, friends. All will enjoy this light hearted one time watch. But the movie has its dull moments. So watch it, have fun and forget about it.

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