Piku Movie Review

Piku – motion se emotion tak
It is quite unimaginable that a movie about shit and the digestive system of an old man can even be conceived let alone be made. But you know what, if you cast the superstar of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan, as the old man, the movie can be made and can be so much better than the shitty movies that we see every other Friday that are not about shit.
The bottom line
It is easily the best Hindi movie that came out this year and is not to be missed at all.
The Plot
Piku (Deepika) is a young single girl who lives with her widower father Bhaskor Banerjee(Big B). Bhaskor is a pain in the a** old man, a hypochondriac with constant constipation who can talk about his digestive system and bowel movements in detail all along the day. Piku has no social life, even her date is interrupted by his father’s calls with imaginary issues. Bhaskor is like a child who does not want his daughter to get married and leave him, to the extent that he advocates casual affairs and calls getting married and taking care of a husband a low IQ decision.
Rana is the owner of a taxi company that provides cab to Piku’s office, he also has his share of family problems with mother and a sister separated from her husband. Rana and Piku both have not so likeable nature.
Bhaskor wants to go to Kolkata to see his native house, and due to n reasons decides to take a taxi, instead of a plane or train. Since the driver doesn’t turn up Rana ends up driving the mad family on the road trip.
What happens next with these three interesting characters in the same car going across the country is just fun.

The cast
Deepika Padukone as Piku is just amazing, you can’t imagine that she is the same girl who you saw doing funny accent in Happy New Year last. She absolutely stands out in front of the power house big B and the ever dependable.
Irrfan shines again, he is one of the best actors today and it is good to see him in a mainstream movie with a little romantic bend.
But the show stealer is the one and only Big B, he has taken this complex, stubborn and childish old man’s character with aplomb. The only thing that I found problematic is his Bengali accent, and the fake belly.
The supporting cast also does a fine act in establishing the realities in the movie.
The Direction
After Vicky Donor director Shoojit Sircar has yet again taken a very sensitive issue, blended it with humor and presented with such honesty that you can only applaud for this man. He has been well complimented by his writer Juhi Chaturvedi (also the writer of Vicky Donor), in penning the superb dialogues that you can’t stop laughing to. Even the sad scenes will tickle you a bit and will not make you feel heavy.Though there is a constant discussion on the digestive system in the movie but it does not make you feel disgusted.
In a scene Piku says that “I am the only child of my father if I do not look after him who else will.” Looking at the deteriorating state of the old people in this young country we all need to ask this question to ourselves.
The music is aptly done by the Bengali Music Director/Singer Anupam Roy. The use of Sarod in the background and during the opening titles sometimes will give the movie a parallel cinema feel which it isn’t.
Even when the movie ends you feel like the arguments between Irrfan, Big B and Deepika should just go on and on and on.

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