Point Break Movie Review

Point Break Movie Review

Point Break
Extreme Sports Extreme Bore

The 1991 Point Break directed by Kathryn Bigelow starring Keanu Reeves became a cult over the years. The extreme sports angle to a cops and robbers story is an interesting plot and that is what seems to have inspired to remake it. With the evolution of technology there was enough scope for bringing the adventurous storyline up on the silver screen.

And they have definitely succeeded in showcasing the extreme sports in an incredible manner but the weak screenplay and lousy acting just brings the whole thing down.

The plotline is about a group of special skilled sportsmen, who are on a spree of robberies from which they do not make any profit but instead are liberating all the valuables and giving them away to the needy. FBI rookie who happens to be having a sports background tries to infiltrate the group undercover and catch them.


The director Ericson Core who is the cinematographer as well has shown super skills when it comes to the extreme sports rendition on the screen. Be it surfing, sky diving, mountain biking all the adventurous stuff is incredibly shot and takes you inside the adventure. But the rest of the film is just so slow that whole package becomes very boring and I was constantly yawning.

The characters are very badly sketched and the acting is just as bad. The only one who shows some lights is Luke Bracey who is the lead of the bad guys.

Rest of the cast includes Édgar Ramírez, Teresa Palmer, and Ray Winstone who are just forgettable.

So you can instead watch the 1991 version or just enjoy extreme sports on any sports channel rather than wasting your time.

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