Poster Boys Movie Review | In less than 100 words

Poster Boys
You will come out of the hall smiling
Intellectual Level
Entertainment Factor

What’s Good ?
— Light hearted comic moments.
— Dialogues that have been intelligently written to make things funnier.
— The happy feel of the movie.
— No unnecessary songs.

What’s bad ?
— Length, could have been a tad shorter.

Overall, ‘Poster Boys’ is fun to watch.It surely has its dull moments but as a complete package it is a light-hearted comedy that is meant to entertain you, and it does. There are many small factors like Bobby Deol’s night dress to his scooter, from Sunny Deol’s angry moments to dialogues from his other movies that will bring smile to your face. It may not be one of the best around but surely a decent watch.

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