Puli Movie Review

Puli Movie Review

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The Wannabe Bahubali



Post the success of Bahubali it was expected to see a series of dubbed/fantasy films to hit the big screen. Puli is one such film and the next week coming Rudhramadevi will be next. The hype was huge and the promotions were crazy around Puli, but it does not deliver the promise.

The story seems straight copy of the film Bahubali – The Beginning, only a poor one. In a land infested by Vetals  Magadheera is found as an infant by the village chief, who raises him as his own son. The boy falls in love with the daughter of another head of the village and when she is abducted by the Vetals he decides to go to the Fort and rescue her.

The screenplay is just supremely amateurish. Some of the events go with super fast speed with background narration and somewhere it just drags. There are references to Gulliver’s travel with the little people. Also there is some solution of every problem and is too convenient for our hero to shine out. This is a classic case of a superstar’s stature outshining everything else about the film.

Every incident and all the happenings are only there to help Vijay showcase his dancing, fighting and style skills.

Some of the songs are good but the problem is that there are plenty. Since the film has two leading ladies Shruti and Hansika, and the Director seems to have given both of them equal number of tracks to dance around our hero. That is the only thing they do with hardly any other emotion to display.

PUli poster

There are some good fight scenes and visually stunning set pieces. But there also are bad CGI black panther and one eyed giant.

Srivedi is playing the wicked Queen and she does look menacing, and is frightening.

Sudeep is just hamming his way as the evil and he did it well.

Overall Chimbu Deven’s attempt to do a Bahubali is a failure had he given more attention to the screenplay rather than Vijay it would have been good. The film is only for Vijay fans who can watch him doing anything and everything.

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