Is Salman Khan married already?

Is Salman Khan married already?

Is Salman Khan married to his latest girlfriend Lulia Vantur ?

We are not joking and this is also not a post which is based on rumors.

Salman Khan and his alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur have been in rumour mills recently for their marriage to be held in December 2016.

Although Salman Khan denied any such reports, but recently the Romanian tabloid CLICK ( referred to the romanian girlfirend of Salman as ‘Doamna Khan’.

‘Doamna Khan’, roughly translated to English, means ‘Royal Mrs Khan’.

This cannot be a coincidence or a mistake, this is well documented and thoughtful reference to Lulia as Salman Khan’s wife. What does Romania know that India does not ??

Well, this is surely going to break a lot of hearts across the world especially with that fact that ‘BHAI’ did not make this official.

Salman Khan is currently working on Kabir Khan’s next “Tubelight”. You can check the first look here –> Tubelight First Look


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