Sardaarji 2 | Why we watched it & why you should too?

Sardaarji 2 | Why we watched it & why you should too?

Sardaar Ji 2
A Funjabi Entertainer

Diljit has created waves across Bollywood with his amazing performance in UDTA PUNJAB , and there is no second thoughts now that why he is a Super Star of Punjab.

“Sardaar Ji” was a Super Hit globally and the version 2 has broken many records on the box office already. Here are the reasons that makes it a must watch:

  1. True essence of Punjab : What was portrayed in ‘Udta Punjab’ was the dark side of the reality. This movie showcases the beauty and the craziness of Punjab. The way the movie is directed will make you fall in love with every element of Punjab.
  2. Fultu Family Entertainer : There have been a huge dip in so called ‘Family Movie’ recently, Sardaar Ji 2 is a complete family entertainer and that too for all age groups
  3. Laughter dose guaranteed : Well that’s what the Punjabi movies are best for. A laughter therapy. The idea is to crack a joke with every dailogue at every instance, and they succeed amazingly in the same.
  4. Amazing FUNJABI Dance Numbers : It is a treat to watch the dance numbers in this movie, funny lyrics in some like “Jat da Pajama” from perfect DJ number “Mitran da Junction”, Diljit has just killed it.
  5. Diljit: He is a Super star. He would make you smile with every move and every scene.

This one is a must watch if you are looking for a complete family entertainer.

P.S.: YES, you need to know basic Punjabi to watch and enjoy this movie or you can ask a Punjabi friend to accompany.

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