The Shallows Movie Review | Girl vs Shark

The Shallows Movie Review | Girl vs Shark

The Shallows

The Shallows
Girl Vs Shark

Sharks had been a focus point of main stream Hollywood in the seventies and eighties when Steven Spielberg gave the Americans and the world a new reason to be scared of with Jaws.

Jaws did amazingly well and led to sequels to follow up and rake the moolah. However lately this hasn’t been the case and shark films almost vanished from the Summer Blockbuster lists.

At such point The Shallows released with modest expectations has done fantastically well on the box office overseas and has again given some life to the survival horror with sharks.

The Good

The revival of the forgotten genre: Irrespectively whether you are afraid of sharks or not, it is always fun to watch the mysterious creature bringing havoc on the screen.

The Better

The director Jaume Collet-Serra known for Liam Neeson’s action flicks like Unknown, Non-Stop and some horror remakes line House of Wax and Orphan, created an engaging screenplay with ample reasons to be scared and bite the nails.

Blake Lively who is best known for her role as Gossip Girl’s Serena, performs the struggle of an adventure seeker with the demon of the ocean, in its own habitat. She is tremendously genuine and successfully captures the bravery and turmoil.

The Best

The cinematography and the sound effects will capture you completely in this film, whether it is the lively surfing scenes with, surfers riding the tall waves or the tension laden shark attacks, and scared Blake on the shallow waters, everything is just beautifully shot and exemplarily complemented by the sound.

The Bad

Well if you get scary easily then this is not for you. Also there are some graphic violence which might not be liked by some, but that adds to the thrill of watching such a movie.

An immersive movie with just 86 mins of run time will give you full worth of your ticket money.

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