Simran – What is not right with Feminism today !!!

Simran – What is not right with Feminism today !!!

Simran started off where Queen left , I never wanted to but you can’t help comparing the two movies. Firstly,
because both are a Kangana Ranaut Starer and secondly because whereas Queen stood for something that women in our society needs , Simran on the other hand is a completely opposite to what Queen stood for.

You would expect something better from a director like Hansal Mehta , whereas Kangana did impress you in the beginning with her Queen like charm but what failed for her is the script and the way the cinema is relating women empowerment to drinking , having multiple affairs and now robbery to add to the list.

Queen had no one to blame and took pride in what she learned in the process but for Simran blaming and stealing is just another way to get out of her already messed up life. That is where feminism that was trying to fight for women empowerment or upliftment of those who have been suppressed for too long has lost its objective.

The movement which started as a platform for equality and empowerment made way to using Feminism for justifying which was labelled inappropriate for men as well as women. You can’t justify stealing because you are a women who has lost her money in a casino.It is no for everyone like you cant justify violence just because you have been devoid for your rights for long , look at countries that chose violence over peace. Feminism will never be the same if they don’t take responsibilities of their actions and they cant do that if not in a right frame of mind.

We need to understand that there is a thin line between freedom and responsibility and more women cross that in name of Feminism the cause will be lost for ever, Simran was divorced aged 30 and it was not a big deal for her but for her parents it was matter of shame , at that junction in the movie you would say the character had strength and a purpose in her life but it was soon lost. It is not immoral to be single but that is what is wrong with Feminism today we don’t know where to draw that line. Cinema has to be blamed for all this as well because we no longer have characters like Shanti or Simran from DDLG as flag bearer of feminism but Kangna’s version of Simran has been accepted,scripted and screen played.

Hrithik Kangana controversy will not do any good to this movie either because the base of the story is not as strong as it may seem at the start , the locations were wonderful but a movie is all about character and “Simran” will not be the character you would like to see on screen for long , she would make you laugh at times but that is it. You would except a Bandit Queen for once because of the way her life shaped but to except a Simran just for sake of feminism will be like crushing your own leg with a hammer.

2.5 for the movie and 0 for everything else the director wanted to portray with his version of “Simran”.

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